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    Apple & Pear Mill

    NZD $2,000.00 Excl GST
    speidel_logo_rgbFor milling of grapes, apples, pears, berries and more
    • Maximum capacity 1000kg per hour
    • Centrifugal mill shreds fruit in optimum manner - not too coarse, not too fine
    • One pass guarantees highest possible juice yield pre-pressing
    • Simple to operate with large feed hopper for easy filling
    • Easy clean design – remove feed hopper and spray with water
    • Safe – protective motor switch for over loading and reach-in protection; PE shield to protect cutters and motor from unauthorised intervention
    • Maintenance free – almost, only the reversible cutting blades require sharpening from time to time
    • Rust-free for its entire service life
    • Certified food safe
    Delivery Included within New Zealand to all cities and main towns (excludes Rural delivery). Download Full Spec Sheet Enquire Now
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    Stainless Steel Hydropress

    NZD $1,550.00NZD $2,900.00 Excl GST
    For pressing of grapes, apples, pears, berries and more The stainless steel Hydropress not only looks good, it also presses that way. The stainless steel lid with quick-release clamp simplifies operation and the discharge outlet made of stainless steel is quickly and easily cleaned. This makes the pressing of juice, fruit, honeycombs, marinated tobacco or citrus fruit a pure pleasure. Simply grind pome fruit or crush grapes, berries, etc. and fill them into the Speidel Hydropress, open the water tap an watch how the pressure of the incoming tap water presses the fruit mash from the inside out against the slotted plate High juice yield – less waste The rapid pressing and the short flow distance preserve the vitamins; the juice has a wonderful aroma of delicious freshness. Due to the high pressure applied, you achieve an exceptionally high juice yield, even if the press basket is only partially filled. Without electricity, without muscle power An energy-saving, ingeniously simple drive mechanism: Connect up a garden hose to the normal domestic water supply and turn the tap on. The tap water expands the rubber diaphragm inside the press and presses the shredded fruit against the mesh basket. The pressure and pressing time can be regulated by turning on the tap more or less. TECHNICAL DETAILS
    • Dimensions:  20L = 440 (D) x 830 (H) mm,  Weight: 14kg  Product Code: SP 22620-01
    • Dimensions:  40L = 520 (D) x 920 (H) mm,  Weight: 20kg Product Code: SP 22600-01
    • Dimensions:  90L = 590 (D) x 1070 (H) mm,  Weight: 28kg Product Code: SP 22690-01
    • Water feed / connection: GEKA quick coupling 3/4" thread
    • Drain ball valve: male connector 3/4" with hose cover
    • Certified food safe
    • Max water pressure 3 bar
    • Hydropress
    • Press bag
    • Splash guard
    • GEKA adapter for 3/4" thread
    Delivery Included within New Zealand to all cities and main towns (excludes Rural delivery). Enquire Now
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