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ViniTannins TANNINS

Pure uncompromised natural 100% grape derived tannins

ViniTannins are the purist tannins available on the market, exclusively derived from grape parts such as skins, pulp and pips. They are free from fillers and do not contain any tannins from other plants. They contain only active components in high concentrations to guarantee the best results at low dose rates. ViniTannins have been developed to be invisible.

ViniTannins are the natural way to improve the sensorial structure of all wines and to optimise the colour stability of red wines without being bitter or astringent. They have excellent integration into the wine, improving overall wine complexity and increasing ageing potential.

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Ultimate flexibility – natural grape tannin in liquid form

Unlike pigments extracted from fresh grape skin or whole grapes, GrapEX liquid skin tannin contains a large concentration of complex wine pigments (pigmented tannins). These complex tannins are formed during the winemaking process and are responsible for maintaining the colour of red wine during ageing.

GrapEx contains approximately 25 times more colour than premium red wines and is therefore great for improving the colour of all red wines. But most importantly GrapEX contributes to overall palate weight and texture by adding subtle tannins that integrate seamlessly with young wine tannins resulting in a perfect harmony and balance.

GrapEx benefits the winemaker by adding value, improving quality and integrating with complete confidence. It is a very useful tool in difficult vintage conditions where lower quality wines can be improved, to over deliver on consumer taste expectations.

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Technical Notes

GrapEX products are a unique range of natural grape tannin products researched and developed by Tarac Technologies.

GrapEX products are made from 100% premium wine grapes ensuring quality finished products which meet Australian and New Zealand standards.

Unlike simple anthocyanins the complex pigments found in red wine and GrapEX liquid grape skin tannin;

  • maintain their colour at low pH.
  • are resistant to sulfur dioxide bleaching.
  • are stable to oxidation.