Barrel Alternatives

The Barrel Reinvented

In an ever changing wine industry more and more focus is being placed on alternative methods to traditional oak barrels for maturing and fermenting wine. TN Coppers is a world leader in the production of premium oak products and provides winemakers several “barrel alternative” options, over two ranges, to enable different price points and wine styles to be met without compromising wine quality.

Certified French and American Oak is naturally open-air seasoned and toasted in a hot-air chamber, without smoke or combustion agents, eliminating blistering and charring of wood. TN Cooper’s patented toasting process is three times deeper than traditional toasting, and penetrates right through the stave from every angle delivering a very even, consistent and repeatable barrel alternative that winemakers can rely on vintage after vintage.

Perfect integration, elegant aromatic contribution, great texture and support, fine tannin evolution, without green or bitter characters are all common descriptors of TN Coopers Barrel Alternatives.

Nacional’s patented toasting process is three times deeper than traditional toasting


The sophistication, aromatic structure and quality of tannins of our Ambrosia range ensures the organoleptic profile of the fruit is magnified, setting Ambrosia apart from our competitors for the production of high quality wines.

Finer grain wood is selected for Ambrosia that is naturally air-dried for up to 36 months. With duration of up to 240 minutes, our “double convection” toasting process is extensive, predictable, repeatable and three times deeper than traditional toasting. Unique in the world and patented by TN Coopers, this long, slow and deep toasting has created three modern toasting profiles with detailed aromatic profiling allowing winemakers greater control in achieving the desired end result.

Ambrosia Toasting Profiles

Sweet Toast

Characterised by its enhanced sweetness and fruitiness, with lactic notes of vanilla, white chocolate and caramel. The wines persist in the mouth; tannins are soft, sweet and silky.

Complex Toast

Generates a complex expression of mocha and notes of caramel, toffee, chocolate and vanilla. On the palate the wines have excellent volume and structure, are slightly fat, and have a long involving finish.

Intense Toast

Recognised by its enhanced spiciness, notes of coffee, dark chocolate, toasted bread, smoke and bacon. On the palate it is of unparalleled aromatic complexity – the entry is sweet, soft, intense and persistent, with a long finish that evokes soft toasting flavours.


Specifically designed by TN Coopers for the production of high quality wines, the Odyse range is toasted using the same convection toasting technology as Ambrosia, but with a shorter toasting time of up to 120 minutes to achieve traditional toasting profiles familiar to winemakers worldwide. The convection toasting technology facilitates the controlling of the intensity of aromas of the wood, whilst respecting the varietal and aromatic characters of the fruit.

  • Three times deeper than traditional toasting
  • Low concentration of tannins of better quality and easier polymerization
  • Excellent delivery and diversity of aromatic compounds
  • Less aggressive wood resulting in “sweeter” and less astringent or bitter wines
  • A top quality, value for money, barrel alternative option

Odyse Toasting Profiles

Light, Medium Minus, Medium, Medium Plus, Heavy Toast