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    MaloBacti CN1

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    Unique Citric Acid Negative strain Excellent for whites, rosé, Pinot Noir, Syrah and all wines where fruit purity is desired
    • Protects primary fruit aromas and preserves varietal character
    • No buttery characters as there is no formation of diacetyl
    • Provides a very clean MLF giving excellent fruit purity
    • No increase in VA because there is no acetic acid production
    • Use low-SO2 producing yeast and co-inoculate for optimum performance
    • Min pH 3.2; max alc 14.5%; max 20ppm TSO2 at pH 3.3; temp range 16-26ºC

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  • MaloBacti HF2

    AUD $102.00AUD $2,150.00 Excl TAX
    Lowest B-glucosidase activity of all strains on the market Excellent for all red and white wines, including sparkling wines
    • Isolated in a red Burgundy cellar with year round temperatures of 12-13ºC
    • Colour protective due to extremely low B-glucosidase activity
    • Accentuates varietal character and reduces vegetative aromas
    • Conducts a fast MLF and is also suitable for co-inoculation
    • Min pH 3.0; max alc 16%; max 40ppm TSO2 at pH 3.3; temp range 13-26ºC

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  • MaloBacti AF3

    AUD $102.00AUD $2,150.00 Excl TAX
    Extreme tolerance towards high alcohol and high phenolic levels Excellent for all red wines and for white wines with high alcohol
    • Complex sensory profile of dark fruits, leather and spice in red wines
    • Australian isolated strain with extreme alcohol tolerance to 17%
    • High tolerance towards elevated phenolic conditions up to 2000-3000ppm
    • Min pH 3.3; max alc 17%; max 60ppm TSO2 at pH 3.4; temp range 15-26ºC

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  • MaloControl BIO

    AUD $37.00AUD $142.00 Excl TAX
    Special nutrition supplement for the support of MLF bacteria metabolism Improves bacteria metabolism and absorbs inhibitory substances Recommended for:
    • Harsh wine conditions e.g. >15% alc; pH < 3.2; TSO2 >40ppm
    • Nutrient deficient fruit - low YANs, disease, dry-grown
    • Wines with previous MLF difficulties and for re-inoculations
    • Low YAN < 120ppm add 8g/hL; Average YAN > 120ppm add 4g/hL
    • Certified organic – recommended for use with all organic wines
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