We are KAURI – Winemaking Innovators

Since 1994, Kauri has been supplying innovative winemaking products to winemakers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Innovative Products from Quality Suppliers, combined with excellence in Logistics, Customer Service and Technical Support are all key features of our offering to the wine and wider beverage industry.

To assist in timely delivery and lower logistics costs, Kauri utilises warehousing in WA, SA, VIC and NSW in Australia and in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand.


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Brands we represent

Saury Cooperage
Saury Premium, Saury Classic, Saury Bourgogne, Saury Unleashed, Saury Massif, Saury Sonoma, Saury Cuves, Saury Foudres and Saury Vinification Intégrale

LEROI Cooperage 
LEROI Coopers Selection, LEROI Harmonie, LEROI Divine, LEROI Cuves, LEROI Foudres and LEROI Vinification Intégrale

Tannins logo 2B ferm control

2B FermControl
VitiFerm BIO Yeast Strains, FermControl Yeast Nutrition, MaloBacti MLF Bacteria, Clearup Fining Tool, ViniComplex Yeast Polysaccharide, and ViniTannins

Speidel Tanks
Stainless Steel Tanks – Round, Rectangle, Square, Variable Capacity, Red Wine, White Wine, Forkliftable, Stackable and more….

TN Coopers
Ambrosia range and Odyse range Barrel Alternatives – French and American Oak – Zig-Zags, Staves, Viniblocks, Chips, Rice and Powder

Turbo-Steamer for barrel, tank, bottling lines and general winery sanitation – chemical free

Parsec Micro-Oxygenation
Micro-Oxygenation Systems – OxyGenius, 4000 P2, 4000 Series, 5000 Series

Braumeister single kettle brewing systems and other brewing equipment

Gorilla Products Australia
Falland Barrel Racks, Barrel Masters and Grape Bins

Smart Fog
Barrel Cellar Humidification System

Smart Analysis
An intelligent new device that will revolutionise analysis in wineries