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For organic fining and harmonisation of wines


“Maturation and refreshment for all wines”

Yeast is a natural bioreactor which is not only responsible for alcoholic fermentation in winemaking. In addition, the yeast produces a number of natural, valuable ingredients during fermentation, which offer a variety of additional functions during wine maturation.

RePrise BIO is a new inactive yeast specifically designed for wine maturation after alcoholic fermentation and for the treatment of aged wines. It is produced exclusively on the basis of natural raw materials from certified organic agriculture, and contains no known allergens. Besides the complete inactivation of the yeasts by a vacuum process, the functional ingredients are protected by this gentle process. In particular, these are the polysaccharides and polypeptides of the yeast cell. They are the functional groups that serve as antioxidants, harmonisation of phenols, colour stabilisation of red wines or refreshment of old wines. They have reducing, adsorbing as well as complementary properties when applied in the wines. In addition, due to its natural production, RePrise BIO does not add its own yeasty taste to the wine.

With the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2019/934 supplementing Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013 with regard to authorised oenological practices and restrictions on the production and conservation of wine products, the following amendment, inter alia, opens up further areas of use for the winemaker:


RePrise BIO is a purified inactivated yeast preparation and compliant with the organic regulation EC 834/2007 and 889/2008.

All components are GMO-free and compliant with Food Grade Standard.

Target Application: Vinifcation Aid

Contact time up to 6 months Dosage
Use as antioxidant in white wine 20-30g/hL
Use as antioxidant in red wine 15-20g/hL
Colour and flavour evolution and protection 20-30g/hL

Target Application: Fining Aid

Min. contact time 2 hr max. 48 hr Dosage
Phenol harmonisation white wine 10-20g/hL
Phenol harmonisation red wine 15-25g/hL
Refreshment of aged wines >25g/hL
Refreshment of very aged wines 30-40g/hL

Target Results from the practice


“The Problem Solver”

ClearUp BIO is a novel, highly purified organic yeast cell wall preparation. Due to its significantly higher content of lipids it has multiple properties which are desirable for modern winemaking. Among those is the superior removal of negative phenolics, replacing PVPP, casein and silica based fining aids; the absorption and removal of negative sensory characters from diseased fruit, stressed ferments and spoilage organisms; and helping prevent stuck or sluggish fermentations… and much more! Vegan friendly. Certified organic.


ClearUp BIO is a purified yeast cell wall preparation and compliant with the organic regulation EC 834/2007 and 889/2008.

All components are GMO-free and compliant with food grade standards.

Practical Application

ClearUp BIO can be applied to all musts and young wines. It can also be applied in fermentation of sugar or fruit juice concentrates. For all applications it is important to ensure that ClearUp BIO is well suspended and well distributed in the young wine.

Instructions for Use

  • Suspend the recommended dose of ClearUp BIO completely in wine/juice.
  • Use 10L of wine/juice per 1kg of ClearUp BIO.
  • When added in wine/juice, make sure the suspension is well mixed into the tank, e.g. by pumping.
  • The contact time should be minimum 2 hours to maximum 48 hours to allow sufficient reaction time.
  • Remove ClearUp BIO by filtration or racking after sedimentation.
  • Refer to Application Advice for more detailed application depending on use.
Application Dosage
For fining of juice and wine* 10-40g/hL
Sluggish or stuck fermentations 20-40g/hL
To absorb off-flavours and odour defects* 10-40g/hL

*Juice/ Wine must be racked 24-48 hours after application

Application Advice

Addition Instructions

Powdery Mildew

Flotation Protocol

ClearUp vs RePrise