• Tonnellerie VLAD is a Romanian Cooperage situated in the Transylvanian forest area. Oak is sourced from three forest regions of Romania -Transylvania, Moldovia and Wallachia. VLAD has its own stave mill and wood yard for maturing the oak for 36 months, where it is crafted with artisanal crafted with long toasting from one to four hours. All oak from Vlad is from PEFC and FC certified  forests. Barrels are crafted in 225L, 228L, 300L, 500L. VLAD 225L is available in thin stave (22mm) or regular stave (27mm). The barrels are of high quality and are competitively priced. Toasting is artisanal – use of incandescent oak embers and slow (two to four hour) low temperature toasting allows the toast to penetrate the staves up to 10mm, and develops refined and subtle oaky notes.
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  • The Classic American Spirit Barrel

    • American Oak air-dried between 8 to 12 months
    • Steam treatment: 10 minutes
    • Bending and toasting over oak fire: 30 minutes
    • Char: Level 2 to 4
    • Finishing: Wine barrel chime
    • Bung hole cauterised

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  • Unique French Oak offering developed exclusively by Kauri for the ANZ market:

    • One barrel, all wine styles simple - barrel ordering made easy!
    • Just choose your size 225L, 228L 300L, 500L

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  • Small Barrels

    AUD $130.00AUD $420.00 Excl TAX
    • Hungarian Oak
    • Open air seasoning for at least 24 months
    • Available in 5L, 10L, 20L, and 56L
    • 5L - Immersion Bent
    • 10L, 20L, and 56L - Fire Bent and Medium Toast
    • Heated in a dry-air furnace at 160°C for 40-55 minutes
    • Zinc-plated hoops
    • Barrel racks included for 5L, 10L and 20L barrels
    Stock due in January 2023
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  • Saury Classic is the original barrel produced by the Saury Cooperage. First crafted in 1873, Saury Classic stays true to its origins and provides the core components that all winemaker’s desire - fruit support, structure and length, with minimal toast influence - maintaining the cooperages original philosophy to “respect le fruits”. Available in either French or American Oak, using a fine selection of wood from the forests of central France (for French Oak) and the forests of America (for American Oak), with minimum 3 year open-air seasoning at our wood park in Brive, and a choice of traditional fire bending of staves or bending of staves through hot water immersion.
    • Seasoned near the foot of the Massif Central Mountains
    • Fine Grain
    • French or American Oak
    • 2 or 3 Year seasoning
    • Fire or Immersion bending
    • Medium, Medium Plus, Lumière, or Lumière Plus toast

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  • The top offering from Saury. Hand selected and hand crafted every step of the way. Saury Premium is made using the best French oak sourced from the finest “Haute Futaie” forests of central France and seasoned for more than three years under the perfect conditions found at the Saury cooperage, located near the foot of the Massif Central mountains. Throughout the barrel making process our master coopers hand sort and hand select each and every stave until only the best thirty staves are remaining to ensure the finest of grain and exceptional quality of wood. Saury Premium is a barrel deserving of the very best wines, providing elegance and finesse, and preserving the effort and commitment of both winemaker and viticulturist in every wine region of the world.
    • Sourced from the finest forests of central France
    • Extra-fine Grain
    • French Oak certified origin
    • 3 Year seasoning
    • Fire or Immersion bending
    • Medium, Medium Plus, House, Lumière, or Lumière Plus toast

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  • saury_bourgogne_logoSaury Bourgogne is an impressive Burgundian barrel offering a perfect balance of fine toast aromatics and textural finesse. Crafted exclusively with 3 year seasoned wood from a blend of centre of France forests and toasted using a large traditional Burgundy brazier, giving two very distinctive toast levels to match with your Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz or Syrah and other wine styles as you prefer.
    • Fine or Mid-fine Grain
    • French Oak
    • 3 Year seasoning
    • Fire or Immersion bent
    • House or Medium-Long toast

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  • Our latest offering from the heart of France. Utilising our unique location for wood seasoning, near the foot of the Massif Central Mountains, Saury MASSIF provides a value-for-money barrel with increased impact from a hotter toast - smoke/meat/char - married with the delicacy of our wood.

    Available in 225L, 228L, 300L & 500L
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  • Kauri Barrel Thief

    AUD $65.00 Excl TAX
    • Polished stainless steel barrel thief
    • 100ml volume
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  • saury_sonoma_logoWe offer great tasting American Oak barrels from the Saury Sonoma Cooperage in California. Oak is sourced and seasoned in the forests of North-East America and then toasted using our long slow toasting methods to bring out delicious aromas of dark chocolate and mocha. Our coopers finish the toasting with a higher temperature to deliver a savoury palate profile which marries perfectly with the sweetness of quality American Oak. There’s no coconut here, think vanilla, chocolate, sweet oak and spice!
    • Mid-Fine Grain
    • American Oak
    • 3 Year seasoning
    • Fire or Immersion bending
    • Medium, Medium Plus, Heavy or Lumière toast

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  • Dating back to the early 1700's, Tonnellerie LEROI was originally founded as the exclusive cooperage for Martell Cognac and is the oldest continuous cooperage in France. Our master coopers craft barrels of exceptional quality, providing structural lift, balance, richness and volume to young wines throughout the world. If you are currently using barrels in your program from Taransaud and Seguin Moreau, we challenge you to also try Tonnellerie LEROI to realise the qualities that the smallest cooperage in the region, but also the oldest in France, can bring to your wine.
    • Harmonie - Fine grain
    • Coopers Selection - Mid-fine grain
    • French Oak
    • Fire bent
    • Light, Medium, Medium Plus or Burgundy toast options

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  • Located in Charente, outside of Cognac and with over 30 years dedicated solely to the design and manufacture of large oak vessels, our cooperage is well experienced in the production of wooden tanks of up to 500hL in capacity. For shipment to ANZ we offer sizes from 10-70hL, fully assembled for immediate use. Purchased mainly from state forests managed by the ONF (Office National des Forêts), all our oak is certified as PEFC. After the trees are harvested, we cut long planks of 54mm and 65mm thickness which are then naturally open air dried for a minimum of 4 years. Having discussed the exact requirements of your project (end use, choice of accessories, site constraints) our in-house design team will make a drawing following the complete specifications in conjunction with our artisan coopers. A clear description, detailed drawing and a quote are all provided for you to sign before we commence production. Once approved, the precise construction work begins.
    • Custom made 1000-7000L
    • TCA analysis by EXACT laboratory
    • French Oak
    • Specially selected 4 year seasoned wood
    • 54mm initial stave thickness
    • Medium or Medium Plus toast

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