• Dilution Kit (100 analyses)
  • Refill Dilution Kit
  • Must Filtration Kit – 100 x 0.45 micron beaker filter papers
  • Box of Cuvettes for colour analysis in white and rose wine 1cm (100pcs)
  • Box of Cuvettes for colour analysis in red wine 0.1cm (10pcs)
  • Graduated pipette for alcohol test + beer device
  • Blue Pipette for glu+fru+suc test
  • Centrifuge Kit – 100 x 2ml Eppendorf Vials
  • Smart Ring Test
    Standard to measure 5 parameters (Glucose/Fructose, Malic, Acetic, Free SO2, Total SO2).
    – Aids in-house training, ensuring staff are performing tests accurately
    – Useful tool to ensure equipment and team are ready for vintage
    – 6 monthly testing is recommended

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