VinHeat Wine Heaters

AUD $1,975.00AUD $2,995.00 Excl TAX

Submersible Stainless Steel Wine Heaters

  • Gentle heating of wine and juice by convection
  • Great for warming wine prior to bottling
  • Use to keep tanks of wine warm for MLF or to finish primary fermentation
  • Warm wine to help restart stuck ferments
  • No moving parts, New Zealand made

Heater is supplied with 10 meters of flexible food grade cable fitted with PDL 56 series plugs.

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Model Phase Output Plug Voltage Dimension
Small 2.3 Single phase 2.3KW 10A 230/240V 660mm (L) x 33mm (D)
Large 8 Three phase 8KW 20A 400/415V 1370mm (L) x 50mm (D)